Recycled from the Internet.

Recently I saw a Facebook post by a woman who, while at the beach, picked up three (large) bags of trash with her family. Another woman who works as a cashier at Walgreens, said she started to ask customers buying two or three items if they wanted a bag and reported that when asked, many customers didn’t take a bag. Judging by the number of comments and “likes” on these two posts, people were inspired.

While certainly not to the level of David Sedaris or the aforementioned hero, when I go for my morning walk, I usually manage to pick up at least four pieces of trash around the park. When I do, I always hope that people see me. Not because I want a pat on the back for it, but because I hope if they see me do it, they might do it too. I like to think that good deeds are contagious.

What if we all just dedicated 5 minutes a day to our old pal Earth? Whether it’s tossing an abandoned plastic water bottle in the recycle bin or coming up with small ideas that can make a huge difference like these, we all have the power to create change: