Hi, my name’s Amy and I like the planet.

A while back I developed a little (okay, A LOT of) anxiety about the direction it’s heading. (A girl can only take so many stories about record highs, catastrophic storms, plastics in whale stomaches, and coral reef destruction. ) Consider this blog my therapy.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: I’ll post easy little things I try to do to be nicer to the planet. I’ll include some product features. Some meatless Monday recipes. Some interesting news or information (no doom and gloom, swearsies!). And I’ll spotlight companies that are doing cool greenish things.

Alone I can only do so much. But maybe if I share my greenish ideas with you, you’ll want to try them too. Then, you’ll tell your friend about something new you’re trying and your friend will say, “Hey, I think I’ll try that too!” Then, they’ll tell their uncle who’s stock-piling bottled water for end times…and so on, and so on…

And together we’ll save the world. (Yay, us!)