ThredUp Goody Box: Like Stitch Fix, but Earth Friendlier.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 2.02.48 PM

You’ve probably already heard about Stitch Fix. You give a few details about your sizes and what kinds of clothing you like to wear. And some magic fashion elves put together a  box of stylish clothing pieces that you hopefully like and you pay for the ones you keep (plus a $20 styling fee unless you buy all pieces).

Well now ThredUp has a similar service.called Goody Boxes that offers all the fun of the mystery fashion package, minus the environmental impact of new clothing—because Goody Boxes are filled with secondhand clothes! You just answer a few questions, and get a box filled with 10 unique finds. And you only pay for what you keep (you have seven days after delivery to return any unwanted items) plus a $10 non-refundable deposit. It’s like having a personal shopper pick out looks for you from a giant thrift store.

I just ordered my first Goody Box and it was super fun. I received 10 (TEN!) items—all of them cute and definitely things I liked. Sadly, I may have marked the wrong size when I filled out my information because many of the items were too large. I wish I could’ve been more specific with some of the information. I probably would’ve marked a size smaller for tops. And when I marked “dresses,” I imagined breezy throw-on dresses, but I received more dressy-dresses. I liked them and all. I just didn’t really have an immediate use for them.

The Goody Boxes are new to ThredUp, so I think there are still a few kinks to iron out. But all in all it was really fun and I’ll definitely try again. I love that it might encourage more people to give secondhand clothing a try. I also love that someone else does the shopping for me.


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