Give Back Box: Giving a Second Life to the Cardboard Box.

imageFile this away in “Things I’ve Been Meaning To Do But Haven’t Yet”: Give Back Box.

I try not to buy a lot of things online—both for environmental and clutter-phobe reasons. But when I do, now I can give the corrugated box a new life by filling it with things I want to donate, printing and slapping on a postage-paid shipping label and sending it off to a charity organization who could use it.

When I first heard about Give Back Box, I thought it was a special box you had to request from Amazon (or REI or wherever you ordered). And Ward knows, there’s about zero chances of me remembering to do that. But it turns out, you can use any ol’ cardboard box you have lying around the house. Here’s how it works.

According to the Give Back website, not only are the boxes reused, but they’re recycled too.  Donating with Give Back Box helps charities carry out their missions and provides more options for people who like to buy used (or have to because of economic reasons). And it makes de-cluttering and donating convenient and hassle-free!

Next time I get a cardboard box, I’m going to set it in the corner and little by little, fill it with things I’m no longer using. (And if a couple of my husband’s 8 billion tools scattered randomly throughout the house happen to fall in said box, so be it.) Wanna try it too?

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