The Dirty Consequence of Taking a Shower (and 3 Ways to Remedy It).

shallow focus photography of yves rocher bubble bath bottle on white towel
De-plastic your bathroom one product at a time.

I’ll admit, I had a bit of a Shea Moisture Body Wash problem for a while. I blame my mother-in-law. She convinced me that liquid body soaps didn’t leave soap scums in the tub and who was I to turn down less cleaning? The body wash did in fact leave the tub cleaner. But when I started thinking about all of the plastic bottles I was going through (recycling, yes, but sill), I knew I had to kick the habit.

Look around your bathroom and count how many plastic containers you see. What if you switched just ONE bath product to a non-plastic container? A few ideas::

  1. A Sudsy Solution: Do you have a local co-op or bulk store that sells shampoo in bulk? Just bring in your favorite bottle/dispenser and fill it up. Did you know you can buy shampoo in bulk on Amazon? (I’m never sure how much plastic you’re saving when you buy a giant bottle instead of many smaller bottles.) I haven’t tried shampoo bars yet, have you? The LUSH ones are very popular (but contain sulfates). These look like a more wholesome (and pretty yummy) alternative. I do hear that shampoo bars do tend to get a little messy on the shower ledge—a small price to pay me thinks. And lookie here! Smart people are hard at work coming up with solutions to an overabundance of bathroom plastics. Check out this innovative solution.
  2. Hit the Bar: One very simple thing you can do is you’re currently using a liquid body soap, just switch to a good ol’ fashioned bar of soap. My friend Amy sometimes sends me Soap of the Earth for my birthday which I love (sadly the ones shipped to me came wrapped in plastic). Currently Tom’s of Maine soap is wrapped in paper—fingers crossed it stays that way.
  3. Why Stop at Containers?: Consider replacing disposable plastic bath products with more earth-friendly alternatives, like bamboo toothbrushes (I know, I know,  free plastic ones from your dentist) and metal razors (my husband and I share a crusty old Gilette Sensor razor—shh, he might not know we share it.

So far, I’ve done #2 and I’m working on #2 (shampoo). Do you have any favorite plastic-free bath products? Share in the comments. And let’s clean up together!

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