Say “Please”: How to Ask a Company to Be More Green.

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I sign a lot of online petitions asking companies to reduce plastics. But so far, I have not started a petition. What I HAVE done is written emails and letters to politely voice my opinion.

My most recent request was to Target. See, I’ve been buying their Up & Up Clear Comfort Contact Solution for years—YEARS! Everything was all fine and good—until it wasn’t. Now, every box of the solution includes a new plastic contact case. WHY? How many contact lens cases do people need? Do people really switch out their cases every time they open a new bottle of solution. And if so why? Have they not heard of soap and water? WHY, OH WHY, TARGET? Honestly, nothing gets my goat more than unnecessary plastics in packaging—or some kind of added plastic tchotchke just “for fun.” A new contact lens case with every bottle of solution is completely unnecessary. Target, I love you but you’re breaking my bullseye heart!

You can tell companies how you feel about unnecessary plastics too! Your favorite shampoo start adding a giant plastic doohickey and you no-likey? Send an email! Doggo’s food switched from a paper bag to a plastic bag when paper worked just fine thankyouverymuch? Send an email! The pasta you eat once a week switched from a cardboard box to a heavy-duty plastic wrap? Send an email! Once you have the words, sending an email is super-easy. (You don’t even need to talk to anyone!) You can sometimes find a contact email address on product packaging. If you don’t find it there, check the “Contact Us” page of a company website. And if you don’t find it on the company website, just print it out send it by mail to the corporate office (attn: Sustainability Department — or something like that).

My letter to Target was a bit long (I had a lot to say), so instead, here’s an example of a simple letter that someone so nicely shared in a thread about unnecessary plastic packaging. Feel free to customize as you see fit, then email your little hearts out!:


Re: Please stop including plastic spoons in your Quinoa Quick Meals

Dear Kitchen & Love,

I love your Quinoa Quick Meals. But I don’t love how much plastic waste they generate. I am therefore writing to respectfully request that you no longer include plastic spoons in your products.

If you were to stop offering spoons, you could make a larger profit and reduce your company’s environmental impact. If you make this change, I will also be more likely to continue purchasing your products, as I am making a conscious effort to reduce my waste and to support companies that are willing to reduce theirs.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. I look forward to your response.

See? It doesn’t have to be difficult.




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